Stand in Line, and Be Proud

It’s the Least You Can Do…
We’re all busy. We all have to cruise Target, hang at Starbucks or get a dog fluffed (or whatever…you get the idea). Forget all of that. We ALL need to get in a line on Tuesday.

Being in a line Tuesday means something. It means that you at least care. It means that you’ve done your part, on election day. Whether you hate both candidates, or favor one with all your heart, it’s your responsibility to vote.

If you’re not standing in line for one of the candidates, stand there for George Washington. Stand there for Abraham Lincoln, or a great uncle who hid in a foxhole. Stand in line for college football. Stand there for the dirt that you have, or the small business you own. Stand there for freedom of religion, or womens rights. If you can’t think of anything to stand in line for, stand there for your grandparents. They helped make the line possible.
Go get in line, and vote…
Reminder – Charge your cell phones!

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