Spending Night/Half Day @Greenville

As you can see it’s pretty late, so I can’t type too long. I’m a little off routine tonight, as I’m sitting in a hotel room on Main St. in Greenville, SC.

Wednesday morning, Coldwell Banker Caine – Greenville, SC, will hold their awards banquet to recognize their 2011 Top Producers. After all the hardware is handed out, they have a couple other Realtors and me scheduled to take the stage to share how we work our real estate practices. Hmmmm…slight pause….. as earlier in my career I probably would have somehow snuck out of such sharing sessions. While I’m great friends with all the downtown Columbia Realtors, it doesn’t mean I’m anxious to share what we do or how we do it. I mean…to put it in perspective, I still don’t have any Realtors on my Facebook page.

Fast forwarding a few years, I seem happier to distribute any information they feel might be helpful. Perhaps it’s because Greenville is a completely different market from Columbia, perhaps I’ve learned that no one will do it “our way” anyway, or maybe it’s just plain ole’ professional growth. Who knows?…but I’m happy to be here, and flattered to have been asked.

I’m anxious to learn a few things from my Coldwell Banker friends @CBCaine.


  1. Franklin, thanks for spending the morning with us. Enjoyed speaking with you aftewards.

    D. Seaver

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