Sparky Threw Me A “40th.” Thanks, Babe!

BirthdayJenBirthdayAmandaBeckyIf we’re friends on Facebook, you’re well aware my wife got a few of my buds together and threw a “Happy 40th!” birthday diddy. While Jennifer says she wanted to make my ’40th’ a big blowout, the twins have her super uncomfortable. She didn’t have to do anything, of course, but what she pulled off ended up being an awesome night/party I won’t forget.

To start off the night, my real estate teammate Amanda picked me up at 5:45ish, and we met Chase and Becky Craven at Mr. Friendlys (We try to have a team Happy Hour every Friday afternoon). At 7:00, we all walked down the hill to Saludas.

Everyone mingled and got comfy, and around 7:30 we stepped into the private room for dinner. We were all hanging out and having a big time when I noticed an oddly dressed man walking up the steps making a ton of noise with a lot of big balloons in his hands. Now, if you know me you’re aware that while I’m pretty ‘public’ and ‘open book’ about things, I’m sensitive and get embarrassed easily. Not knowing who hired this guy or what he was going to do, I tried to slump and play it cool. When ‘hiding’ didn’t work and everyone made me stand, I took a deep breath and in fear tightened my belt another notch. It ended up being “Captain Telegram.” Obviously, I had never experienced Mr. Telegram, but everything ended up innocent and fun (Exhale). Thanks, Amanda Payne, for making everyone laugh their a**e* off, and making me a nervous wreck. As you can imagine, I wanted to throw Amanda in the street and climb under a rock.

Around midnight Gunn, Sweatman, and Howie took me to Henrys to polish off the night. We were having a big time when all the sudden, given the loud bump music, a dance-off may or may not have taken place between merged groups (of which I did not participate, btw). While ‘the sprinkler’ and other moves were being completely obliterated, a new move broke out called ‘The REALTOR.’ I tried my best not to look, but ended up laughing my face out.

Thank you so much to all my friends that made Friday night so much fun. HUGE shout out to my wife Jennifer Sparks Jones for making it happen. No one knows this until now, but she even sported a pair of my favorite shoes. While this wouldn’t usually be a big deal, because of the twins in her belly it probably took her 10 minutes to strap them on. #TooSweet

While I don’t turn 40 until later this week, Friday night is what I’ll remember. Thanks, Babe!!!


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