South Carolina Hit The Polls Big Time

Candidates Strive For A More Perfect South Carolina
What a night! My affection for politics and policy had me on the edge of the sofa all night. Whew!…

Congratulations are certainly in order for our new governor, Nikki Haley. Sen. Sheheen ran a good race for the highest office in our state, but fell short in our “R” leaning state. No doubt, he’ll continue to serve South Carolina well in the state senate.

On a more local level, I’m proud that Seth Rose is my new councilman. As we’d hit tennis balls, every time a ball got away from us (me), Seth would always stop the action and want to meet at the net to talk about running for Kit Smith’s seat. No doubt about it, he wanted it badly and went after it hard core. Once his campaign started our tennis halted because he was pounding the pavement for votes. I hope I can lure him back to the court, but at present he’s preparing himself to represent us well. It’s hard not to be impressed with Seth.

Kudos to the new Sheriff of Kershaw County Jim Matthews. Jim and his wife, Heather Hoopes Matthews, worked as hard as any political candidate in the world for this office. While I don’t live in Kershaw County, I have to believe Kershaw is a safer place for having elected Jim.

Coach Dick Smith of Anderson County really ‘went for it,’ as he won the at large seat on Anderson School District 5’s Board of Trustees. Here’s a man who’s devoted his whole life to the betterment of the students of Anderson, SC. I’m glad to call Coach Smith a mentor and a friend, and I’m proud of him. He really went after it, and it paid off.

Winners notwithstanding, I feel compelled to thank Rep. John Spratt for his tireless service in the halls of Congress for his constituents and our state. Love him or hate him, Rep. Spratt did what he thought was right. His mind and hard work garnered him the label, “One of the smartest men in Washington.” I hope Rep. Spratt can find peace with his work and take on the next stage of his life with a smile.

While there are many races I’d love to mention, I have to stop it somewhere and this seems as good a spot as any. Thanks to all of the candidates as it takes guts to ‘put yourself out there,’ no matter the ideology.

Friends, don’t get too comfy just because the 2010 cycle is over. We have a presidential race staring us in the face, and South Carolina is kind of a big deal. Get ready !!!

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