South Carolina Beach Time…

This time, it’s Surfside/Garden City…

One of the best reasons to live in South Carolina, and Columbia for that matter, is because we are so close to awesome beaches. A beach trip for most of America, is a big deal. For South Carolinians, we can just fill up a laundry basket and be in the ocean, in the same time it takes to do a home inspection.

This time, Jenna and I (and Hairston’s) are going to spend the weekend in the Surfside/Garden City area. My late wife’s (Kinsey Black Jones) parents have a condo right on the beach, so we are going to hang out, play spades and fish off of the pier.

I haven’t been to a beach north of Litchfield in about 7 years (since Kinsey was alive). I think it’s going to be pretty cool to be about 2 blocks from the pier. I’ll be emailing/texting in the middle of the night with live squid on the line, hoping to catch anything that will tickle my line.

Even though we will be a little north, I’ll bet $5 that we will find ourselves at our favorite spots. Somehow, we always find ourselves at Frank’s or Louis’s. Someone may convince us to hit Gulfstream. It is always good for a great time, with great views.

I have about 12 Pending Contracts on the board. I think we have everyone covered, and ready (or almost ready) to close. I will have my Centro (laptop will be hooked up, of course) on me, at all times. If you need local help, email Amy at

I will be back after a visit in Manning on Sunday…


  1. Anonymous says

    I notice you are coming to “our” beach. What if on the same percentage we charged you the same out of line fees to come to “our” beach as YOUR LOCAL MLS wants to charge us to work with clients in the Columbia Market. It is so easy for anyone to join the local Coastal Carolinas Association and we have people from all over the state who want to work here and they do. But the MLS in Columbia does not offer any more or better services and its fees really are out of line with everyone else in South and North Carolina. So stop gripping or beach fees will go up for those living in Columbia

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