Something To Think About. VOTE!

If you know me or follow this blog, you’re aware that I enjoy following American and Palmetto State politics. Being informed is important, interesting, and even fun. I like it so much and was so drawn to make a difference, that I ran for the state house fresh out of USC and later married a woman that was working for Governor Beasley then proceeded to manage a lobbying firm until our twins were born.

While I enjoy politics and have largely modeled my real estate career as a political campaign, I don’t find it prudent to take ardent sides on social media very often. The banter and keyboard crossfire is endless and just becomes silent eye noise. I understand what FOX, CNN, and MSNBC are doing and recognize that spewing opinion on password-protected Internet sites do more damage to a person’s cause (or side) than good, and more often than not, brands a person as a single issue negative wonk at best, or maybe even a wingnut.

That’s fine, it’s just not for me.

That all said, the quote in the image above should make one think; If I don’t vote, no matter how close a race, national or local, by landslide or one ballot difference, belong to this American system and forfeit my part in it.

Go vote early and often.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Tidbit: While the quote in the image is awesome,  it has commonly been misattributed to Thomas Jefferson. “This quotation has never been found in the writings of Thomas Jefferson.”*

I don’t know why I looked it up to verify, I just had a feeling.

It’s still a great quote…

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