Schools of Thought @ Dreher HS.

The debate regarding re-zoning the property at Dreher High School to provide athletic facilities took a step towards fruition tonight. While a “first reading,” often translates to symbolism over substance, it’s still part of the process and a positive one for Dreher’s efforts.

As I sit here and ponder of what words to type, I think it may be wise to write from a real estate perspective. I’ll preface with what 29205 means to me; I’ve lived in and brought three newborns home to 29205. I’ve sold more homes in 29205 than any other zip code. I’ve spent more money on Zillow advertising in 29205 than any other zip code, by far. If you know me or recently read about our mantra of, “Buy The Neighborhood,” the local Neighborhoods that feed into Dreher High School are some of the ones I think of, among others.

That all thankfully and proudly said, the A+, #1 most important factor of a neighborhood, community, and property value is the schools.

While the trees, sidewalks, and walking proximity to cool stuff is important and awesome, the schools are what drives the bus.

When looking for a home most buyer’s first question in this market is, “What’s the price per square foot?” (this drives us crazy, BTW, but that’s another blog post). The reason that’s the first question is that the school discussion has already been declared. The school is not a value or, “What should we offer?” question, it’s an upfront demand.

I also understand NIMBY (Not In My Backyard).

If my house bordered Dreher a few thoughts may cross my mind;

1 – Does this honk so badly that I’m mad and going to try and stop whatever I can?

2 – Is this an opportunity? Meaning – Would it be kinda cool to have this as I sit on my back porch drinkin’ a beer? I know a lot of people that would embrace this, and wish they had a private access gate.

3 – Do I have a responsibility? Meaning – Should I engage and help give my local school, youth, and community the opportunity to thrive and win, and make the most important facet of our neighborhood even stronger?

Is 2 or 3 > 1?  Is 2 + 3 > 1?

Just some thoughts…

Franklin Jones

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