Some Lots Are $19K at Cobblestone

Anyone who played golf at The University Club misses what we had. For a while, it was probably the most fun golf course to play in Columbia. As most courses, it was about 15-20 minutes away from most downtown neighborhoods. It was a cool place to play golf.
The University Club had 27 holes instead of 18. It was always fun to see if we were assigned to “Garnet, Black or Gold.” Each “9” had it’s own brand. Garnet was hardest, gold had three short par 3’s and Black was most player’s favorite. Black is my favorite. Number 9 Black is one of the best holes in Columbia. The U/C had one of the coolest logo’s in Columbia.
Fast forward to Bobby Ginn and Cobblestone Park. The neighborhood now has scores of vacant lots that surround the awesome course. Presently, the dilemma with the neighborhood is that everyone that bought a lot at the product “launch” intended to immediately flip the property. The prices were simply too high.
Now, with foreclosures escalating in Cobblestone one can’t help but raise an eyebrow at the new prices. Some lots are on the market for $19,000. For the right person, I would think this is an opportunity.
We’ll see what results are in store for the former University Club. I happen to think that there are some opportunities that deserve a look.

Click on the link above for current lot listings.

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