Some B&W’s of Daddy’s Little Girl :-)

Having to sit for a pic is really not my favorite thing in the world to do. Actually, I often slip out of a room if I see someone with a clicking camera. Nevertheless, I tried my best to be a good sport for Jenna and Finley and tried to keep my squinty eyes open the best I could. These aren’t all the pictures that were taken but they’re the ones I got my hands on first.
I have to admit we ended up having a great time during the session. Stacey Quattlebaum at “Naturally Wonderful” does a great job, and made it very easy and fun for all of us. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more pics as they’re certain to be posted on Facbook.
It’s about 1:20am and sweet girl is sitting beside me as I type and do a spellcheck. She’s being a patient little sweetheart, but I think she knows its bottle time in about 10 mins. You know who has second shift!


  1. Beautiful girls you have there Mr. Jones!

  2. These are wonderful!!!! Finley is precious!!! Give Jen a hug for me!!

  3. Nikki Robertson says

    Beautiful!!!! Just Beautiful!!!! Lots of Love there. Nik

  4. Who is this Stacey Quattlebaum you speak of 😉 Can't wait to see y'all in a few weeks for Finley's next session!

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