Socks, Shorts, And A Timeout.

michigan_shorts_originalPretty much anyone who has watched the “30 for 30” series by ESPN thinks it’s interesting and awesome TV. I know I do. It’s pretty cool to watch a behind the scenes perspective and/or wider scope of stories we all watched live decades ago.

Tonight I’m watching a rerun of The Fab Five. You know…the Michigan basketball team that went to the Final Four as freshmen, then again as sophomores.

While the sports side of their story is interesting, the cultural change they brought to sports and business is what I remember most. Most specifically, how their black sock thing took off. It caught even more fire when word got around that black socks and black shoes made athletes look faster. Kinda like why some receivers and D-backs in football don’t wear leg pads; They look sleek(er) and faster without them. Translation – Look cooler and perhaps more marketable.

Over the years their baggy shorts may have turned into tents with seams. That said, I think many appreciate the trend (even if a little bit), as no one really wants to watch a bunch of 7 footers in “Bird Shorts” or “Stocktons.”

Just a few random thoughts on a Wednesday night.

Oh yeah…the year UNC beat the Fab 5 is the only year I ever won an NCAA bracket. It may have been a $200 night for me, and at the time, the most money I had ever had at one time. #ChrisWebberTimeOut


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