“The Social Pig” @ Devine Is OPEN!

PigglyWigglyIn case you missed it, this quote was posted on ‘both’ Shandon Neighborhood Facebook pages. “In spite of recent rumors to the contrary, our local Piggly Wiggly on Devine is staying!! The former Managers, Darrill & Jennifer Miller have purchased this location & will continue to operate under the Piggly Wiggly name. We spoke with Darrill today & he asked us to let everyone know that they will closing Sunday 4:00 pm for transition inventory & reopen Monday morning at 8:00 am. Everyone please let Darrill & Jennifer know how much we appreciate their efforts in keeping our store open.” – Nancy Lanier-Stevens

Well that’s good news! Known to many folks as, “The Social Pig,” this grocery store is nestled smack dab in between two large, well established neighborhoods – Heathwood & Shandon/Sherwood Forest. Even better, popular Lake Katherine & Rosewood are just around the bend, depending on which direction you turn. What I’m getting at is this grocery store is located in a primo location on Devine Street.

For many of the years of my time in Columbia, The Pig on Devine dominated the market. As far as I can remember, it was the only game between Five Points & Garner’s Ferry Rd. Enter competition. It doesn’t take a market research pro to realize the Publix on Rosewood does a ton of business. All you have to do is drive in the parking lot. EarthFare (between Five Points and The Pig) may have a niche market, but does a nice business, too. A good indication the EarthFare does commerce, is they recently razed The Music House to add more parking. Further still, enter the mighty Whole Foods. This new store and national sensation was considered a major catch for Columbia. It is just down the hill from The Pig and borders Heathwood & Lake Katherine, and a tinch closer to King’s Grant and The Hamptons.

This all said, over the years The Pig on Devine has created somewhat of a local culture following. Even folks not from Columbia (me), know it as “The Social Pig.” After all, every time you go in there you see someone you know. Further still, it wasn’t too weird to see a friend toting a liquor drink (or wine) while cruising the aisles.

Well done, Darrill & Jennifer Miller, for making the Devine Street Pig happen. I’m sure you’ll get a ton of local support and business!

Thank you to my buddy, Michael George, for the heads up!



  1. It was called the Social Pig to differentiate from the Pig on Rosewood.

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