Soaking Up Knowledge @Durham, NC.

durhamconventioncenterA training event Keller Williams International calls “Recruit Select” is in the Carolinas Region this week. I’m here.

While we’re only halfway through the session, I can already tell you this is a peel the onion back, drill down, super intense look about how to recruit and retain the best talent in a market, and yes, beyond ‘your market.’

I’ll write more when I get home, but I wanted to post a little diddy because I don’t like to mess up the frequency of the blog.

The individual assessments provided by the company make a ton of sense, and expose a lot about you and others. That said, it’s not ‘just’ about a person’s assessment, but also about how and where a person fits within a team atmosphere of high level production, about how best to communicate, and how not to communicate. In short, this stuff is cool, and actually quite fun to learn about.

The only other time I’ve been to the Raleigh/Durham area is when the Gamecocks pulled out a narrow win at UNC a few years back. At first and second look, this is a beautiful area with a lot of positive things going on.

I’m learning a lot but can’t wait to hug my girls tomorrow night!


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