Snow Creates Bread Dash Every Time!!!

Seemingly More About Tradition Than Necessity
Most South Carolinans are very familiar with the image above (pic snapped by Laurin Manning today). The empty bread shelves can only mean one thing: Some Weatherman Mentioned “SNOW!”

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but for some reason when Sandlappers hear the word “snow,” there’s a mad dash to local grocery stores for bread and milk. Even as a kid, I never really understood the sense of emergency.

Perhaps I just didn’t know any better, but no matter how financially challenged we were, we seemed to always have a few hours worth of powdered milk, corn flakes, chicken pot pies, frozen pizzas, breakfast bars or Ramen noodles around the house to survive two or three inches of snow.

Who am I to knock the proactive policy of stocking up on bread and milk before the heavy dusting begins. Still, after watching it for 3 decades now, I don’t fully understand the traditional bread/milk snow dash. Who know?! Maybe I should be a ‘Good Sandlapper,’ and take part in the tradition!

Whether you got around to fetching your loaf or not…Have fun, and be careful !

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