Smiling Faces Saturday @Columbia, SC

Before the weekend actually begins, I feel like South Carolinians wonder, “Why did they schedule the USC/Clemson game on Thanksgiving weekend??” Admittedly, I wonder the same thing. On the front end, it feels like a scheduling nightmare, and a huge chore to do the ‘family thing,’ only to rush towards a stadium on Saturday. Then the weekend begins, and it all works out in big fashion.

As we never really “shut down” our real estate world (we received an offer @ 8:30 tonight. WooHoo!), things were relaxed enough to have a great time this weekend. We did just that.

Columbia, SC was ‘packed and jacked’ last night, as the Gamecocks welcomed, and soundly defeated, our orange-clad Clemson friends. Before the “Wins” and “Losses” were played out, everyone had a great time in the shadows of Williams-Brice Stadium.

Given the 7:45pm kickoff, it was fun to hear and watch everyone adjust their tailgating habits accordingly. I’m pretty sure I saw no less than seven people look at their watch face, only to be stunned at what time it was. Comments like, “Holy crap, it’s only 5:30!???,” were being belched all over the place. We sounded old, but battled through it just fine!

What a great day for GamecockNation. Who woulda’ ever thought USC would be 10-2, playing in the SEC, without their Heisman candidate for 1/2 the season, and losing their starting 5th year senior QB.

A special shout-out to @MarkHarmonSC for an awesome seat Saturday night. Thank you!!

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