Slow TV Night Could Use A Bravo Boost

Given the sheer number of channels to choose it would seem that I could find some late night entertainment without a problem. To the contrary, when the nightly ‘Will & Grace’ and ‘Frasier’ go off, the entertainment level drops like a rock.

After Frasier ends I usually switch over to The Tennis Channel by default. If you know me you’d think I’d be flipping between FOXNews or CNBC, but watching people yell at each other gets awful after about four minutes. SportsCenter is great but by 2 a.m. it’s been rerun a few times over.

Having said all of this I could always count on Millionaire Listing at least once a week. To watch these three dudes go at it is a good hour for a local Realtor to watch. Some of the aspects of this show can be spot on and some can be incredibly stupe. Either way, it was a good hour.

Some folks think the show hit a snag when Josh Flagg (the one with the grandmother) was arrested for stealing valuable art from his listings. Who knows the truth about the matter but I hope that’s not what’s holding up the show.

As you can tell it’s a slow blog night and am obviously looking for something worth a crap to watch on the tube. Jerry Springer just popped on and I’m now surfing again. Come on Bravo, bring on Millionaire!

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