Sled Gets Hauled. Time To Trade.


Getting right to it, (and entering the gates of WhoCaresVille) while our vacation was AWESOME, my car sat in our driveway deader than a box of stumps the whole time we were at the beach. The pic above is my car being towed off Tuesday morning from our cul de sac to Longstreet Motor Company (GM) in Kingstree, SC.

Why did I even drive a Cadillac? Well, I drove trucks for a long time. Z-71, etc. I loved them. Enter, Hurricane Katrina. After the massive storm hit New Orleans I rolled up to the gas station on the corner of Trenholm and Forest Drive. You know the one. It’s directly behind what is now Chipotle in Trenholm Plaza. The gas ticker hit $91.00 (low test, BTW), and that was the end of my truck’ness.

While I knew I’d miss my truck, I tried to make sense of it trading vehicles. After all, I was a new bright eyed Realtor, and a Z-71 ‘extended cab’ or Avalanche just didn’t “fit” driving my buyer clients around Columbia.

Since my father in law was GM dealer, I was certainly going to choose within his franchise line. Well, the Chevys were smaller than I wanted, Pontiacs didn’t work, the Oldsmobiles didn’t have a model I liked, and neither did Buick. Enter the STS. I took it. Sure, I knew it was weird for a 30 something to be in a four door Cadillac STS (or Cadillac at all, for that matter), but I chose it and went with it.

Fast forward seven or eight years; Time to trade sleds!!!

Why trade instead of repair, you may ask? Answer: Three daughters in car seats. While I often take or pick up our five year old from school (or wherever), neither of my twins have stepped one foot in my car, not even to move it in the driveway.

Looking forward a month or so, now that Brennen is right around the corner for Finley and the twins are about to start Kilbourne Park, it’s time for me to expand into who we’ve become as a family. While Jens minivan is great, it’s time for me to start hauling some daughters to school, birthday parties, soccer, whatever (and their friends). Perhaps more accurately put, it’s time to stop treating my transportation like a trash pod, and a bad battery/alternator, etc. is the sling shot excuse to make a move.

Special thanks to Jennifer, Amanda, Amy, and Elizabeth for picking up and dropping me off around town while we look for our new vehicle.

Useless FYI – That white Cadi was a good car! If anyone wants a fast machine that can pass pretty much anything going down a back country road on the way to the beach, it’s a sure thing!



  1. So, what are you getting next? 🙂

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