Six Neighborhoods on Lockdown? Maybe…

Cottontown, Heathwood, Hollywood/Rose Hill, Shandon, Sherwood Forest, Wales Garden; Progress serves you well. I hope City Council will too…

Let’s refresh… A few weeks ago, the Planning Commission thought it would be wise to make it such that it should take 50%+1 of a particular neighborhood, to move toward a “historical designation.” Most folks thought this was a fair at best, uncomfy at worst and all together not awful plan.

Marc Mylott, the City Zoning Administrator, is going to publicly defy this plan Wednesday at 10a.m. (every one’s attendance encouraged). Mr. Mylott, is going to argue that he has a better way. He may argue that it should be up to City Council, solely. He may argue that it should only take 50%+1, of whoever attends a particular neighborhood meeting in a school gym. Who knows? Whatever his argument, I’m going to try to attend.

I think Mr. Mylott is worried that, under the plan that’s on the table, Shandon is unattainable. With Shandon sporting 1,600+ homes, he’s afraid he won’t be able to attain the necessary 800+ signatures. Apparently, he’s going to attempt to control your shutters a different way.

Before a property rights debate begins, should someone suggest that since our neighborhoods are “Associations,” that we dare bring up the idea of HOA fees? Should each association begin collecting fees related to square footage, property footage or how many bedrooms a house contains? Hmmm…. Of course, I’m not advocating an HOA fee, but I would think the notion would raise a few eyebrows.

There is no perfect answer that will please everyone. However, I’m going to be pretty peeved if I have to submit a plan, to paint our dang shutters black.

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