Short Hospital Visit But Back Soon!

If you haven’t heard from me in a few days, it’s for good reason. On Monday, I hobbled into Surgical Associates of South Carolina to have a place on my backside sliced and drained. After one second of observation, the doctor informed me that I would be making a quick trip to Baptist Medical Center for surgery. WUT???
Within a few hours I was put to sleep and learned that I’d be spending the night at the hospital. Special thanks go out to the Denemarks, Hairstons, Amy, Amanda, and Trav for coordinating life and taking care of the basic needs of a dad, Realtor and friend. Trav, thank you so much for the midnight Double w/Fries from Wendy’s!!! Hit the spot!
Since I was 17, I’ve lived with a cyst on my backside. Friends have long wondered why I attach a towel to my belt in the back when we play golf. There’s the rub. At times it’s hurt like heck, but I learned to live with it. However, when I began to sweat uncontrollably this weekend, my friends, wife, and doctor told me enough was enough. I had too large of an infection to ‘tough it out’ any longer.
Fast forward two days and now I have a three-inch gaping hole in the small of my back. Jennifer took a picture tonight and to say the least, it’s ugly, awful, and hurts like $#*!.
My sweet wife deserves the biggest ‘THANK YOU’ though, as she has taken on the challenge of ‘un-packing’ and ‘packing’ my wound twice a day. Tonight was her first shot at it and she did a great job with a gross situation. I saw a few tears run down her face as I clinched the headboard.
As a side note the folks at ‘Baptist’ were awesome and made me very comfortable. It may be a maze of a hospital but I always come away from there thinking it’s a top shelf facility. I’d recommend the staff at Baptist Hospital to anyone.
I’m back emailing and walking but can’t quite drive yet. If anyone needs any administrative assistance please don’t hesitate to email or general real estate questions to They can help with anything I can or quickly throw me in their cars.

Wish Jenna luck as she’s playing the role of MVP wife right now!!


  1. Anonymous says

    I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  2. Anonymous says

    Glad to hear that you were treated well. One correction, “Baptist Medical Center” has been “Palmetto Health Baptist” for the last 12 years.

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