She Thinks Her Daddy is a Marsupial

Jenna, Finley and I decided to take to the local soccer fields Saturday morning. We always have a good time watching our friend’s kids show their skills and this week didn’t dissapoint.
This past Saturday was Finleys first chance to enjoy the weekly event. As you can see, she decided to keep the power nap going the whole time. It was a pretty cute sight.
I have to mention how much she and I love this little pouchy, sacky thing made by Eddie Bauer. She’s strapped in tight and the stretchy material makes it very comfy for both of us. This little product was a gift from Danny and Katie Owens and has proved to be a fail safe contraption for quietness. I’ve walked many blocks around Shandon as we try to give Jenna some time to sleep. This thing is like a tranquilizer

to marsupials. They really have a great built-in travel system.

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