Shandon Was A Danger Zone Tonight…

ShandonStormShandonStorm1ShandonStorm4As per usual of the summer of 2013, the skies opened up late afternoon and rained buckets on downtown Columbia, South Carolina. Turns out, however, tonight’s storm wasn’t “as per usual.”

The pics above are a few scenes from the streets of Shandon/Wales Garden in 29205. Here’s a quick summary: Shandon got pummeled tonight.

Fast forward to 2:04AM; I’m in a dark room five feet from my sleeping three year old and 10 feet away from my wife, tapping this keyboard from the 8th floor of a hotel in The Vista. Here’s the logic; Since the power was out at the house and Jennifer is on ‘bed rest’ with the twins, we made the decision to spend the night in a place with a sure fire working air conditioner. Seems we made the right choice as our neighbor is reporting the power is still not running on our block.

Hopefully Jennifer and Finley will be able to operate like normal tomorrow. Moreover, I hope I can have Finley to her little schoolhouse on time!  Further still, I hope everyone that lives in Shandon is safe and sound.

As inconvenient as this experience seems, I’m sure we’ll soon chalk it up as a fun family adventure. After all, even though I’m about to make camp on the floor (it does kinda suck, just sayin), there are worse things in the world than spending the night in an air conditioned hotel room.


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