Shandon Sales Have Really Cranked Up

All Three Sales/Pics Above Are Of Wilmot Ave., 29205
I’m not sure what’s going on with this, but Amanda and I are going gang busters in Shandon right now. For instance, we were only a few hours away from having three homes on Wilmot Avenue Under Contract, simultaneously.

Fast forward one week, two of the three homes pictured above have Closed, with the top pic (the cedar-shake house) ready for inspections Friday afternoon.

Today we had the pleasure of closing 4243 Wilmot Ave. (the one with the red door). After battling through some issues with the closing/occupation date, our Seller worked hard to ‘make it happen.’ After all was said and done, the property is in pristine condition, and ready for the new happy owner.

Since the beginning of 2011, Amanda and I have really racked it up in Shandon, almost oddly so. Our action on Wilmot Ave. has become a fun micro illustration of our ‘Shandon run.’

As many of you know, in real estate, “You’re only as good as your last sale.” This said, it’s up to us to keep this roll going in the popular 29205 neighborhood.

Sales numbers notwithstanding, we love Shandon, and all it has to offer. Looking forward, we’re determined to keep the pressure up, and keep our buyers and sellers churning the best we know how.

Thank you to all Shandon’istas, and a special ‘Shout Out’ to WILMOT AVENUE!

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