Shandon? Greenville? Nope… Old Heathwood.

KennilworthMapTuesday afternoon we closed on 4001 Kenilworth Rd in Heathwood. For the most part it was a regular closing, and didn’t require anything we hadn’t seen before. That said, as we checked off the last documents presented to our buyer, it got interesting. Check out, per the highlighted area in the photo above, ‘4001 Kenilworth’.kenilworthfront

As we passed the plat across the table my first thought was, “Y’all are selling this as a Shandon house.” After all, pretty much everyone knows Heyward is a popular street in Shandon, which is one neighborhood away, and across Devine Street from Heathwood & ‘Kenilworth’.  Then I saw the street named Augusta Road. I jokingly said, “Is this a Greenville map?”

Turns out, what you’re looking at is a super-old plat of this area of Heathwood. As a point of reference, what you see in the image above labeled ‘Cross Drive’ is now Beltline Blvd, which is one of the longest and highly trafficked roads in modern day Columbia, SC.

I’m no historian, but as a Downtown Realtor I thought it was very interesting that Heyward and Augusta Roads, over the years, have experienced a name change.

Congratulations to our clients who now own 4001 Kenilworth, formerly known as Heyward Road!

Who knows, maybe this blog post will spark a reaction and give us the answer of why they changed the street names.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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