Shandon Cream Puff Coming To Market

It’s not on the market yet, but this Shandon bungalow will be available any day now. We haven’t quite taken all of the photos yet, and don’t have a link for you to click. Still, I wanted to introduce it for those who may know of someone looking in Shandon.

I’ll keep this short as to be able to give a full description when I have links, etc. That said, this is an absolute slammin’, “cream puff” of a Shandon bungalow. The seller has done some awesome things in this house. So much so, in fact, that it was on Shandon’s “Tour of Homes” a couple of years ago.

The first example I’ll share is the master bath. The master bath is probably as good as a classic bunglow can possibly offer. It’s well thought out, cleverly finished, and going to make someone very happy.

I’ll post a more detailed description with pictures in the next few days. In the meantime, tell your friends or forward this to a friend who wants to live in the popular Shandon neighborhood. The home will be offered in the low $300,000’s.

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