See What You See, And That’s OK.

DressBlackBlueDressGoldWhiteMany of you may be surprised I’m going to type about what some folks think is dummer than heck, or even old news, but here goes. After all, I can’t help it the debate went down on a ‘non-blog’ night last week. That said, as you can see from the pics above, I’m talking about the dress. You know, the blue and black dress, or white and gold. Whatever, that’s the dummer’n heck part.

The other morning my wife, Jennifer, all but attacked my integrity on earth asking, “What color is that dress?” Of course, I said, “Black and blue. Saw that last night. Duh.” First response, “Dude. What are you talking about?” I stayed strong, “Babe, it’s black and blue.” Jennifer, “Franklin Jones?” I go on, “Babe, I see black and blue and I already know it’s black and blue, soooo….don’t be mad.”

As the morning and day went on I saw more and more comments on social media saying, “Who cares what color a stupid dress is? Is this the best and most current news going on? A stupid dress?” LikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLike….

That’s the best part! It wasn’t about the dress. The photo created a national debate about what certain people saw with their given eyes that saw it. While most folks thought it was getting stupid, I thought it was awesome. First, it’s not every day we get to discover something cool and new by accident. I’m not taking Christopher Columbus “Discover,” but collectively discover a difference between all of us, captured by pop-culture… by accident. Pretty cool.

Even better, and the bigger ‘picture’ by this dress, is while we can all be right in our own minds, we can be wrong, too. This pic is a great illustration of it’s OK to be wrong, as sometimes you can’t help it. I mean, at very least if your vision wasn’t right on, it was because your rods and cones were on, off, or over compensating. Your fault? Nope! That said, all you can do is apply the best knowledge the melon on your neck provides, and be at peace with a decision. This dress thing has forced folks to say, “Well crap, that is a black and blue dress, but all I see is white and gold?!” :**(  Guess what, It’s OK!

Big picture is that sometimes we may be ‘looking’ at the same thing, but can’t or don’t ‘see’ the same thing. Knowing the balance or the difference has served a lot of people well, I would think.


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