Seeing Purple? Turn Around, Friend…

purplepaintlaw1purplepaintlawThis is super random but pretty interesting. If you’ve ever been in a rural area (for some of you that may simply mean you’ve been very lost) and see purple paint applied to fence posts or trees, you may want to turn around.

My statehouse friends will probably want to shoot me (pun on the way, I guess) but in at least 10 states, by rule of law, purple paint carries the same weight and meaning as a “No Trespassing” sign. #SCTweets

You may be saying, “Um, Okkaaaayyy…,” but after learning of this, I’ve discovered it’s well thought out, and what I would call, “A thing.”

For starters, there’s a color actually labeled, “No hunting purple.” Moreover, the length, width, and measurement from the ground is spelled out in legislation (see pic above). Further, even folks that suffer from color-blindness can see the color purple.

Translation; If a hunt club owner, farmer, or rancher fires your butt hair up with a shotgun or Roman candle, he or she is doing it… because they can.

Why does this even exist? Well, apparently “No Trespassing” signs get damaged or fall to the ground. If the weather doesn’t take it off of the tree or fence post, think of this; What’s the first thing a bored hunter shoots at while in the woods? Answer: Unnatural stuff. Bottles, cans,….SIGNS. Enter the solution: Paint.

I told you up front this was random! Check out the states that adhere to this law.

North Carolina

Now you know…  🙂

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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