‘Secret’ Hamptons Home Sold

Networking and Socializing = Home Under Contract

This great house in Old Woodlands Court didn’t have a sign out front. Actually, the Seller was very unmotivated only a week before I got “The Call.”
I ran into this homeowner at a fundraising event for EdVenture. I told him that I heard through the grapevine that he was thinking of selling his house. His response was, “Not right now. We don’t think the time is right and we don’t know where we’d go anyway.” Well, a week later he called to say that if I had a buyer that he and his wife would sell the house. That’s all it took.
Of course my brain started whirling. I called Caroline and asked her who we could put in the ‘all bricker.’ Before the afternoon was finished we thought of three or four people that would be a good fit, and within 2 days we had shown the house no less than three times.
In only a few days we submitted an offer for one of Caroline’s clients and now have the home Under Contract.
Even in this market it goes to show that the wheels of real estate can turn anytime…anywhere.

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