Seattle Fan’s Bet Goes Too Far, IMO…


Take a look at the pic above.  I just don’t understand this, at all.   The article about this tattoo reads that this person can be a hero or a goat, depending on whether or not the Seattle Seahawks win the upcoming Super Bowl.   To me, whether they win or not, this is a lose/lose scenario. 

In my mind, a tattoo is a long term thing.  A life thing, actually.  A tattoo is not a, ‘This 2013/14 football team is just so cool.”  I mean, even if they win, the team could move to another city or change their logo three times in the next 10 years, making this image obsolete.  Further still, the person sporting this ink is going to change with age and the image is going to change, too.  What I’m getting at is, Super Bowl win or not, as this person ages and gravity sets in the tattoo could look like a weird chicken or droopy blue turkey with a bent beak.

I’m not judging, but this just doesn’t make sense to me.   That said, more power to the Seattle Seahawks and the person that will be buried with this logo on his/her arm.  Just for kicks (and assuming I’ll be around) I’d be interested to see this person’s forearm in 2034.


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