SC Should Become The ‘VC’ State

The other day I received an email from a daily news source, with one of it’s headlines reading, “Lawmakers Examine Tax Credits For Angel Funds.” If you know me, you know that I love this stuff.

I’ve quietly argued for a long time, that South Carolina should focus on recruiting venture capitalists and angels to our state. While this particular article doesn’t hit on EXACTLY what I’m thinking, it’s in the same arena. It’s actually an extension of my thoughts, with a private twist.

I think we should focus on luring Venture Capitalists and Angels to domicile their headquarters in South Carolina. A few years ago, the movie industry was a focus of our state. While I can’t quote the success of the project, I think this same effort towards VC’s is worth researching.

While we boast giants such as BMW and Boeing populate our borders, South Carolina is not in the perfect position to recruit major headquarters. Yes, we enjoy more miles of highway than most states and boast perfect beaches, but it’s hard to ignore that the banking giant Charlotte is only one hour North, and one city in neighboring Georgia can match our entire state’s population.

This all said, I think our Dept. of Commerce does a great job. South Carolina has great assets and resources that have yet to be fully tapped. I simply think it might be wise to, instead of solely hammering our heads for existing giant brands alone, focus on funding sources that produce the giants of the future.
Just a thought….

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