S.C. Welcomes Boeing. Hey Y’all!

I got the news from a lobbyist friend that something major was happening at the statehouse today. She typed that lawmakers and Boeing execs were in a room signing papers and that news media was crawling around the lobby. I decided not to tweet about the situation as to not ruin any one’s thunder. What a thunder it was!
Facebook and Twitter were clogged deep with updates from lawmakers about the Boeing deal. I don’t blame them as all 50 states are drueling for good news. S.C. got that coveted news today. At one point today, “Boeing” was the top subject on the Twitter feed.
Congratulations to Boeing, the General Assembly and all residents of South Carolina! Sandlappers everywhere should feel like winners today as Boeing announced that they are coming to South Carolina in large fashion.
This is a fantastic situation for our state as global brand has decided to call South Carolina home. It was also a Kumbaya moment for lawmakers as all of them are taking their piece of the credit pie. Fine with me. Today is a win, win, win situation for our state.
Boeing, welcome to South Carolina. You’ll love the weather, hospitality, beaches and most of all….work ethic. Thank you!

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