S.C. Rep Gets 2 Syllables of Fame

Rep. Wilson Grabs Spotlight From President’s Speech
I had a pretty good string of thoughts regarding Congressman Joe Wilson’s heckling yelp of “You Lie!!!” during President Obama’s speech Wed. night. However, my daughter’s own yelp for food and diaper change at 2:28am delayed any thoughts for another time.

I do have time to write that Representative Joe Wilson got lit up the Internet tonight. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook have been dominated by Wilson’s outburst.

Many folks that rely on public relations and marketing for business purposes often toot the horn of “any exposure is good exposure.” We’ll see if this is true in Rep. Wilson’s case. At present, it doesn’t look to be a good situation as the Democratic candidate to challenge Wilson raised over $50,000 as a result of the outburst.

Regardless of political leanings, the Congressman from South Carolina’s 2nd District may have branded himself tonight. I’m sure the spin machine is on triple spin mode as Team Wilson attempts to turn this incident into a positive, or make it go away all together.

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