S.C. is for Teachers; State Makes Money Available to Teachers For Housing

South Carolina Lures Teachers to the State with Generous Housing Assistance.

The State Housing Authority is making $20 million available for home loans to new teachers. The loans carry a 5.9 percent interest rate. The state expects to offer about 175 loans this year.

The program also includes down payment assistance of up to $7,000 for teachers making less than 80 percent of the county’s median income, assistance that will be forgiven if they stay in the home for five years.

Teachers can get the loans, which have a maximum between $180,000 and $240,000, from more than 200 lenders around the state.

What a great tool! If you are a new teacher, or know a new (or soon to be) new teacher in South Carolina, we need to set you up for this new loan program. If interested, call or email me. I’ll help find you a participating lender…


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