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My wife and some friends were on Litchfield Beach this afternoon. Since we were hammered by the storm over the weekend, we decided to make the most of a cloudy day and take a walk. “Right or left?” someone asked. We decided to go towards Pawley’s. As we got to the end of the beach, and looked across to Pawleys Island, I couldn’t help but wonder which beach community most of my friends favored to visit in SC. Litchfield? Pawleys? Folly? IOP? Sullivans? Edisto? Hilton Head? All have their merits, but some are just better for certain situations.

It seems to me that Litchfield and Pawleys are pretty much the same thing. The only difference is that there are more dwellings at Litchfield. Pawleys is more of a beach one drives to. Places to eat, night life and golf are the same, since they are so close together. You can be at Frank’s, Louis’s or Devine Fish House in almost the same amount of time whether you’re coming from Pawley’s Plantation or Inlet Point. Overall, these two seem to be more family freindly than other SC beaches. Also, golf is a big deal.

IOP and Sully’s seem to be more condusive for Sandlappers without children. The lack of condos compared to Litchfield somehow seems to be one of the reasons for this. It seems that more bachelor parties find their way to the Charleston beaches. These beaches also seem to be for the folks who prefer the nightlife of Hook and Poe’s with the magic of downtown Charleston a cab drive away. Nightlife and shopping trump golf here.

I think the fishing aspect is probably a tie for both areas. Both have comparable marshes, rivers…and of course the Atlantic.

Is Hilton Head in the running, or is HH for the yacht owner only? Is Myrtle in the mix, or is “The Strip” mostly for teenagers and Michigan/Ohio State fans?

So the “If I won the lottery” question arises… If you had $450,000ish for a marsh or golf front condo, or $5 million for a front rower, where do you send your Realtor first? Tough, huh?


  1. Everyone has their reasons for choosing a particular beach, but I think a big part is where you grew up going. Or, where you spent your high school/college days when you went to the beach. I for one am torn between two beaches- Edisto and DeBordieu. These are two VERY different vacation getaways- one is about as laid back as they come and the other is gated with a certain “snob appeal”. If I had 5 million dollars- I would buy a house in Edisto and a house in DeBordeiu. When I go to Edisto, I barely take a shower every day, because the only place I go is the Piggly Wiggly or straight out the door to the beach. When I go to DeBordieu, I hit the beach club pool, maybe the beach and ALWAYS try to go to Georgetown or Pawley’s to shop for an afternoon. So, for me, I like the best of both worlds!!

  2. Anonymous says

    I agree w/ curly. A lot has to do with where you went growing up. We used to go to Garden City before it became “Mini Myrtle Beach” but we went to Edisto from time to time as well. I remember growing up and complaining in those Middle School & highschool years about how there was nothing to do in Edisto and would be much happier at Garden City where it was a little more happenin’! But now I find myself splitting time between Litchfield and DeBordieu depending on whose family we are with and hoping when we get to the coast we can do absolutly nothing but sit in the sun and escape from everything, and keep South of Murrell’s Inlet, that is a far north on the SC Strand that I desire to go, my $5 million would have bought the last lot in DeBordieu on the main channel.

  3. Anonymous says

    Sullivans without a doubt. Anything north of IOP is redneck riviera.

  4. anonymous, have you EVER been to DeBordieu?! Redneck Riviera, I don’t think so.

  5. Folly is by far the spot for us young bucks.

    Although those pretentious mansions are popping up, Folly still has a nice relaxing beach shack feel, a few good bars, and a whole lot of partying.

    It’s perfect.

  6. A big part of going to the beach for us is the fun factor, ie other things to do besides lay on the beach and burn like a lobster. Shopping, dining, nightlife, etc. SO… family vacation for eons has been Surfside/Garden City. Not so crowded, but easy access to the over the top of MBeach and the beachiness of Murrels Inlet and Pawleys. We tried Folly once. I love how laid back and small town it is, plus tons to do in Chas. But the ‘rents hated it. BUT… Bottom line is if there’s sand between one’s toes it shouldn’t matter where u are!

  7. Anonymous says

    if you are gonna make a monthly run then time factors in… and believe it or not i with 378 now at 4 lanes for most of the trip Pawleys is closest for Cola folks with least potential for 26/95 summer lock downs…

    not as cool as others but it is closer

  8. not as cool as which other beaches? Travel time aside, which is your favorite?

  9. I think it depends on who you are going with. Golfers = Pawleys / Late Nighters = Chucktown.

    Condo/House values have varied in all of these areas. I think Pawleys/Litchfield have remained a little more steady than anything north of Garden City. HH numbers are WAY down…while of course Charleston will always command demand.

  10. Anonymous says

    I for one select my vacation destination on the quality and quantity of good local she crab soup. Louis’baby!

  11. We love Louis’s Fish Camp! Great atmosphere, good times. I’d say we go there 100% of the time we are in that area. Its one of the central places thats easy to get to from Pawley’s, Litchfield and DebDoo. Good comment, Anonymous.

  12. Anonymous says

    yeah, i have been to DebbieDo!

  13. Anonymous says

    I like Folly Beach nice and close etc.

  14. Sweat Love says

    If you want good beaches, good food, and short drive to the Hot Fish Club and Wahoo’s – Litchfield/Pawley’s is great. If you want yankees and traffic…hit IOP..and Sullivans all be it cool with Poe’s and Off the Hook, it’s becoming a pain the a@% as well. Edisto is great…if you want to be Lewis and Clark for the weeknd

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