“River Street” Homes Always Popular

Wales Garden’s Saluda Ave. Produces Solid Sale

In my experience, Wales Garden has always been considered one of the creme ee la creme neighborhoods in Columbia. Perhaps because it’s the most traveled, Saluda Ave. serves as the flagship street on the neighborhood.
On Friday Amanda and i closed on the awesome property that is 413 Saluda Avenue. This stately, all brick home has enjoyed the pleasure of being owned by an interior decorator, and the new owners will certainly the beneficiaries. Too often, an older home is sold and the buyers have an instant ‘project.’ With this home, however, the new owners can liesurely change things instead of out of necessity.
Along with the house itself, the new owners will love the short walk to 5 Points and Devine St, which is clearly an asset of the small and exclusive neighborhood.
Congratulations to the new owners of 413 Saluda.

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