Relaxing Makes For Production Anxiety

Will Miss This Spot But Anxious For Monday Morning
In seven days of vacation, I was able to sneak in almost two hours of ‘me time’ on the beach. After floating around in the ocean for about 30 minutes, I thought it would be a good idea to snap a pic of my place in the world. Ahhhh… serenity now.

Monday is going to be a monster day at work as I have a kabillion phone calls to make and a mamillion emails to return. Thanks to all of my friends and clients for allowing Jenna, Finley, and I to enjoy a week with the Denemarks and Hairstons. We had a big time.

Even though my friends know I love my job, I hear from them that “everyone needs to decompress.” Now that I’m 37 and a dad, I’m beginning to agree with this school of thought.

Vacation or not, I’m about to freaking bust to take Finley to school early and gang tackle another Monday.

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