Insider Info Is A Big Deal @Columbia, SC.

TIn today’s real estate market, information is at a premium.  It’s golden, in fact.   That said, we put a lot of effort into staying ahead of the curve in regards to what’s coming to market. So much so, in fact, that not many days go by that other REALTORS and/or appraisers call us asking, “What’s going on (in a particular neighborhood)?” or “What do you have coming to the market over here?”

Here’s what I know. We have appointments with potential sellers on Burney Drive in Shandon ($300Kish), Kilbourne Rd., The Hamptons ($350Kish), Lakeshore Drive ($500Kish), W. Buchanan ($250Kish), Wheat Street ($275Kish), Cambridge in Forest Hills ($350Kish), Girardeau in Forest Hills ($240Kish), Reamer Ave in Forest Acres, Churchill ($235Kish),  Monterrey Ct. in Forest Acres ($180K), Wellington in Forest Hills ($489Kish), Tanglewood in Heathwood ($470Kish), and Cannon St. in Shandon, to name a few. I also know of a few homes that will be coming to market in King’s Grant within the next week or three. Two will be in the “high $400’s,” one will be $588,900, and one is likely to ask in the $800,000 range. Further still, I know of a home on Woodlake that would take in the mid $400’s, and one on Quail in the mid $500s, both in Lake Katherine.

If you or anyone you know would like to know what’s going on in the downtown Columbia, South Carolina real estate market, call 803-758-1669 or email or  . We’d be glad to give all the scoop we know!

Thank you!


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