Ready To Get Back At It. #CabinFever!!

Since I’ve pretty much been asleep since December 2, I decided to grow my first beard, and have the pic above to show for it. Well…that was fun.

Tomorrow, Jennifer will drive my immobile self to Dr. Willcox’s office, where, we hope he’ll grant driving privileges. Over the past week, I’ve been taken aback about how helpless I’ve been without the ability to drive. As great, cool, and helpful as technology is one still has to eat, do baby chores, and overall get stuff done. In short, my car hasn’t been ‘crunk up’ in over a week, and I’m ready to get back in the saddle at Coldwell Banker-Midtown.

Last night I took a shot and went to a “Toy’s For Tots” event, and an awesome 40th birthday party at The Inn at USC. While I can stand, but not sit, I pretty much stood with my back to the wall all night. We had a big time at both parties, and glad we went.

Now that I think about it, I’m more than ready to bust outta here as I think we have a few closings this week, and two listings waiting to be set up. With that, I’m going to pop a few vitamins and a fish oil pill in about 30 seconds. Gotta mend!!


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