Ravenous USC Defense Defends Title

After watching what has taken place on ESPN the last few nights, I’m entirely impressed with a particular athletic team. Admittedly, it may be more than simple bias that spending four awesome years at USC, and living only blocks from campus has something to do with it. That said, anyone paying attention is surely impressed by this group.

While the University of South Carolina’s big win tonight was awesome, it is how they arrived to this point that has our heads shaking. Game after game, inning after inning, the Gamecocks were only inches, and seconds away from defeat. Instead, USC’s defense kept opposing runners from touching home plate.

The Texas A&M game was great, but the second game versus UVA, and the first game against UF (last night) included “all time” type endings, for any sporting event. Viewers witnessed ravenous, lock down, stupid good, clawing, off the tank axle, TV highlight late inning defensive baseball, which kept USC alive under stratospheric pressure. To the amazement of everyone, they kept on…and by the thinnest of margins, won game after game.

As I sit here I can’t type into words what this group has done. Their actions on the field have made thousands/millions jump around living rooms, and yell at TV’s like freshmen full of BUSCH Light.

Congratulations to Columbia, SC, the State of South Carolina, and Gamecock Nation. Carolina baseball has done it again.

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