Rain is Perfect for Home Inspections

Inclement Weather Can Reveal True Conditions
During my career I’ve learned quite a few things that aid both buyers and sellers. Today’s rain afforded me the opportunity to put one of these tips to work.
I represent the buyer on a pending sale in Forest Acres of which, we scheduled the general home inspection for Wednesday afternoon. This morning the buyer asked, “Since its raining, should we reschedule the inspection?” My answer was a quick, “No sir.”
Having a home inspection during a rain can expose things that are going on with the home that an inspector can’t see during a perfect sunny day. Water intrusion and saturation can be a big deal and if the inspector can take pictures of a small stream or new puddle under a house, it can be a powerful bargaining tool. If a house sits on a slope it can be particularly valuable for the inspector to watch the water flow in the crawl space or basement. Just last month we witnessed enough water flow to request the installation of a french drain. The seller obliged.
Home inspections certainly don’t have to be done during a rainy day as the trained eye usually see signs of moisture in the attic and/or below the house. It’s simply more of a slam dunk piece of evidence when a photo is taken of a drippy leak, growing puddle or overly mushy yard.
Sellers probably shouldn’t worry too much as they have to fill out a Property Disclosure Statement anyway. Rainy days simply make it easier to prove something is going on should there be a problem.

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