Quick & Fun Weekend at Pawley’s

Fun Time At The Beach w/ Paul, Amanda & Lee Payne
This weekend we found ourselves in a favorite place…Pawley’s/Litchfield! Paul, Amanda & Lee invited us down, and of course…we couldn’t get there fast enough!
The house we stayed in is pretty awesome. It’s a 100+ year old dwelling that sits smack dab at the S. Causeway to Pawley’s Island. It’s very cool and about 20 paces to the creek. Other than have a good time on the beach on Saturday, we took advantage of the immediate surroundings.
Pic 1: Jennifer and Finley looking over the marsh. Finley LOVED it! My sweet wife is a noticeably nervous mom as Finley just couldn’t get enough. Notice the kung fu grips a loving mother has on our baby and that poor 2 x 4!
Pics 2 and 3: Shows what was biting in the creek this weekend. I caught about 12 or 14 of the cool pan fish, but I have no idea what that winged eel thing is. As I tweeted around 3 o’clock in the morning, “I had no idea what I was catching but they sure were biting!” What is that nappy beast, anyway???
Pic 4: Finley losing her battle to the sleepy monster on Sunday morning. My sweet girl wanted so badly to stay awake but the minute she hit the hammock beside me, it was ‘lights out.’ I could have stayed there for hours. So sweet.
Other than watching the Gamecocks lose a close game to Auburn, it was a fun and relaxing weekend. Another good time at the beach!
Like all beach weekends, the morning after sets up for a big Monday ‘gang tackle’ at work. I want to say, “OOOF” but I’m actually am looking forward to it. 🙂
Thanks to Paul and Amanda for a fun weekend!!! Can’t wait to do it again!!

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