Quarantining Well @ “Black Magic!”


Given the Covid-19 pandemic, an opportunity to go to the beach came about. Personally, I went back and forth about it with all sorts of angst, asking Jennifer, “Nothing is open at the beach, and if we go there’s no tennis, no golf cart, no bikes, fewer TV channels, and on and on, and why would we move all of our crap there just to have the kids watch the same Ipads and tablets two and a half hours away?”

Well, that was stupid.

What was supposed to be a few days turned into over two weeks of the most amazing family time we could imagine. We quarantined our a*&^s off and what I mean by that is that there was absolutely no one on the beach. We had the entire edge of the earth to ourselves and watched the giant bowl churn angrily, and calmly, depending on the day.

If you know much about Star Wars, the sandy beach was so barren for as far as the eye could see, it reminded me of where Luke Skywalker grew up. Even Jennifer said, “This is weird.”

That all said, the days, weeks, blog post, and memories are all because of my in-laws, Stephanie and Jeffrey Black (Jeffrey is my late wife’s brother). Short term rentals at the beach were halted by the Governor of our state, and Jones Party of 5 and Aunt Steph and Uncle Jeffrey moved right into their beautiful house on the beach, “Black Magic” (Think, “MTV Cribs”). Their daughter, Liz Black Fisher, and her new hubby, Ryan, hung out both weekends. It was all just awesome and clinched this whole beautiful family even tighter.

Big shout out to Steph and Jeffrey for providing this amazing opportunity and thanks to my kids and wife for punching me a little bit for being a dumba#*.

Thank you and we love you, Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Jeffrey!!!

Ivey, “Le”Nora, Finley, Jennifer, and Franklin

*I have a ton more pics but they’re too big so I need to size them down a little.

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