Productive Day w/ Adolescent Kindness

Today was a crazy busy day, and may actually go down as the largest volume day of 2011. I’m not sure of this, but assume it has to be close. This morning, we closed 27 Davant Place in King’s Grant, where we represented the buyer and seller (I’ll post about this in a few days). At 4:30 this afternoon, we closed a house on Rockwood, which is behind “VA” in 29209.

Nice production numbers and hard work aside, the most memorable part of the day was when about eight of us discussed the note above. The note was written by one of the children of the sellers of “Rockwood,”and found by the child’s mom on a shelf in a bathroom medicine cabinet. I mean…how cool (a little bittersweet) is that?

In the hectic hustle of moving one’s life (stuff) on a truck, and perform the necessary business side of a real estate transaction, we sometimes forget about what’s going on in the heads of the little ones. Should we care? It’s a case by case thing, but obviously matters on some level. After all, life happens and moving is part of it. This said, before Jennifer and I had our little girl, Finley, I wouldn’t have thought toooOOOoo much about it. Well, for me, it’s a clearer picture now.

In all it was a good day. A few “sides” closed, lots of happy people, and a little note to make us all think a little bit.

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