Pretty Funny & Close To Nail On Head!

If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s a poster that’s going around Facebook at a pretty rampant pace. The first occupational poster that crossed my feed was, “Political Operative,” which is pretty freekin’ spot on for my “statehouse” friends. Tonight, I caught the pic above from a Greenville Realtor’s page, which I thought was pretty funny.

First pic – Guilty as charged, admittedly (although, I can’t hang out anymore). I’m not sure about pic #2, but I can see where they’re coming from. Pic #3 is perfect, as syndication websites force Realtors to pay big money for information they got from us in the first place. Pic #4 is a perception that all Realtors flip. Pic #5 is exactly the type image I cast out for my Sunday open houses.

Ahhh….Pic #6! Some friends and clients recognize what happens behind the scenes, but most of the public doesn’t see it. Perhaps this is a good thing.

At present, Amanda and I have scores of listings around Columbia, SC, and X “sides” under contract. Take a peek at pic #6 above, and think of the open house luncheons, open houses, three inspectors for each home under contract and the negotiations for each, pictures, offers, counteroffers, lock boxes, signs, painters, landscapers, boarded dogs, buyers schedules, sellers schedules, seller’s baby’s nap schedules, insurance quoters, dumbarsers, listing appointments, lender conditions, closing attorney demands, appraisals, contested appraisals, ad folks, phone calls from recruiting brokers, fellow Realtors, calls, “Will They Rent?” inquires that we field every day. Like the photo suggests, it’s a load!!!

This all said, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love our job, and revel in the challenge every day presents. We try our best to be the ultimate hustler/pleaser Realtors that our clients expect.

I’m typing in jest, as the pic above is a fun snapshot of the balance between perception and true effort of what really goes on. As I mentioned in the last paragraph, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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