Preppin’ The Tent For Game Day.

FATentFAtent1It’s that time again! – Time we get our tickets, parking passes, and tailgating details ready for Gamecock Saturdays!

A couple of years ago Amanda and I decided to purchase our ‘F|A’ tailgating tent. The tent has proved to be a good (and fun) project, big time. While the tent certainly makes all home USC football games, it has also been used at cool school functions, JLC stuff, Birthday parties, and Holiday fun.

As you can see from the first pic above, the tent needs a power scrub: This is the real reason for this post, BTW. That said, does anyone know of who may be interested in taking a shot at making our tent like new? If, “No,” not big deal! We’ll just order another one and have double the ‘coverage.’ 🙂

First shot goes to Tripp’s Fine Cleaners. I’m guessing if anyone can make our tent ‘Chicklet white’ again, it will be Tripp & crew.

How do I know the tent is two years old? The bracelets in the 2nd pic! At the time we popped our tailgating tent for the first time, my sweet twins were at Palmetto-Baptist’s first class NICU facility. This August 20, my twin girls will be two years old. There ya go!

See you at the stadium!

Franklin Jones

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