Post & Courier Tweets It’s Now #1

“The Post and Courier is now the largest circulation newspaper in South Carolina, 94,133 to The State’s 91,255.” – Tweet from The P&C
Companies spend years and millions of dollars branding themselves. For as long as any of us can remember The State Newspaper has been known as “South Carolina’s Largest Newspaper.”

The State’s largest competitor, Charleston’s Post and Courier, has long tagged itself “The South’s Oldest Daily Newspaper.” According to a recent Tweet, Charleston’s daily can now boast both titles.

No doubt there will be some sort of fight for the title of “South Carolina’s Largest Newspaper.” Think of the years worth of ink and millions of newspapers that have touted the “brag line.”

Actually, it’s gonna be the years of repetitive branding that will keep The State #1 in the minds of Sandlappers. The State’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages also still claiming it’s #1 status.

Ever since I learned that The State Newspaper was no longer selling in my hometown of Anderson or at the beach, I’ve wondered if they were going to hold on to their first place ranking. Guess not.
The State has certainly tried to adjust to compensate for the lagging publication numbers. Go Gamecocks, , Jolie, and Carolina Bride are examples of this. Some are winners and some just aren’t.
We all realize that national newspaper circulation is in a downward spiral. Still, it has to hurt the folks at The State to know that The Post and Courier may have replaced it as South Carolina’s largest newspaper….and tweeted about it.

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