Polished Heathwood Home Is For Sale

Over the last few days and weeks we’ve posted listings at the top-shelf price point of Columbia’s real estate marketplace. If you’re cognizant of Columbia’s market or follow this blog at all, you’re aware that our most recent blog posts of listings for sale have been Oakman Court (KG), Huspah Lane (KG), Ashworth Lane (Ashworth), and Stratford Rd (Forest Hills). Enter 1121 Adger Rd (Heathwood).

As awesome as the actual house is, my favorite aspect is that it’s smack in the middle of Columbia, South Carolina’s universe. A few blocks one way is popular Devine St., while just down the hill is the all-important Trenholm Rd. For a point of reference, 1121 Adger is exactly across the street from where ‘the top’ of Heatherwood spills out (dead ends). In short, the location is primo as Heathwood is home to some of Columbia’s finest addresses and most valuable real estate.

Actually, to get a good snapshot of the location, I encourage you to drive down the hill towards Trenholm (or Heatherwood) and lose yourself for a few minutes. Better yet, park your car anywhere on Adger and stroll around a few blocks. You’ll quickly see what I’m getting at.

Features of Adger are: a stately front facade with a wide porch, circular driveway, shining hardwood floors, smooth ceilings, recessed lighting, an eat-in kitchen with new everything, a private/cozy den (where I would be right now), and an awesome covered outdoor area off the kitchen.  Click the links for interior pics!

The new owner’s suite is stellar and will be hard to beat in an older home. The bedroom is large and flows to the outdoor patio and the master bath is modern and ready for today’s living.

1121 Adger Rd. is a sharp, polished, 2012-level updated home in the middle of one of Columbia’s most popular neighborhoods. Seriously, if I told a lay person that didn’t know the history of Columbia/South Carolina “that is or at one time served as the Governor’s Mansion”, I bet they’d say, “Oh, well that’s pretty cool.” This may or may not be overdoing it, but given it’s location, color, and presence from the street I can probably paint that picture!

Like many of our listings, Adger is a pleasure to show. If you or anyone you know would like a tour of this Heathwood/29205 beauty, call or email fjones@cbunited.com or amandaqpayne@live.com .

Thank you!


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