Perfect Long Weekend @Litchfield SC

This weekend was AWESOME as Jennifer, Finley, and I found ourselves at the coast for a quick beach trip with the Denemarks. The weather was just right, and the beaches of Litchfield, once again, provided a perfect backdrop for another vacation in the Palmetto State.

We strolled, napped, ran on the beach, dined at Chive Blossom, bowled, played video games, and just plain hung out. It’s so fun to watch Finley keep up with her older god siblings, and it’s just as awesome to watch Landon and Reid “watch out” for her, while they do what they do.

Uncharacteristically, we stayed until Monday afternoon. As much fun as we all had, WOW, did I learn a huge lesson. Never again will I be away from Columbia on a weekday without first alerting the folks that need to know. Being away Monday, I created an absolute firestorm of phone calls, emails, and texts, that sent Amanda and Amy into a tailspin, which affected the beach experience for everyone around. UGH!, I should’ve planned better, and now I know

Amanda and Amy reacted nicely, and I may have made up the slack by hustling late night, counter-offering, showing, and listing a Shandon property around 8:30 tonight. Reactions notwithstanding, I know better now, and will prepare accordingly looking forward.

This all said, we had a big time at Litchfield. The adults had fun, and the kids were in complete paradise, which I’m learning is what it’s all about.

Now it’s Tuesday, and we’re in CRUSH IT mode for the rest of the week…..with a full head sunburn.

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