Pawley’s/Litchfield Golf Is Always Fun

When snapping these pics I was actually trying to capture one of the most scenic and well known holes in South Carolina golf. The result of my efforts, however, caught my friend’s textbook swing on film. Look at the kinetic power. Admire the rotation.
Pawley’s Plantation may be the most scenic golf course I’ve ever seen. Sure, I’ve never seen Pine Valley or Pebble Beach, but I have to report this is a cool track. The back nine is full of marsh, creeks, and sawgrass. On three or four holes you have a clear view across the marsh of Pawley’s Island. It’s awesome.
Over the last few years this picturesque monster course has been off of our yearly ‘rotation.’ Year after year, this golf course would just beat us down so we stayed away. After Stephen’s round today, I think it may be back on.
I can make a little fun of Forrest’s swing because, even with such a swing, he and Stephen beat me up a little on the course. He won’t mind this post… his bod just doesn’t twist well while being photographed.

P.S. On this 69-yard hole all three of our balls hit the mud. We took a re-tee and Stephen (the fella in the yella shirt) hit it within six inches.

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