Palmetto State Isn’t Even In The Race

Senators To Get Us On the Track Tuesday

Tuesday is a big deal for South Carolina. It’s the day the “deliberative body” of the General Assembly takes up the ‘Point of Sale’ legislation.

The bill got through the House of Representatives some weeks ago and made it out of the Senate Finance Committee last week. Tomorrow, the bill hits the floor of the full Senate for a 2nd reading.

S.435 is a big deal. Under current law, South Carolina is losing out on commercial business and investment everywhere. It’s missing out on local and out of state investors investing in our state because the tax liabilities are out of the stratosphere. S.435 curbs this by capping a reassessment at 15%.

Tuesday Senators have a chance to vote on a true economic stimulus package for South Carolina, and put our state back on the race track of competitive real estate investment.


  1. Anonymous says

    maybe we can get soem horse betting as well….oh wait, we are ass backwards when it comes to that. We can have a lottery and its ok if the church holds a raffle, but God forbid someone else does.

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