Palmetto Losing Good One To Lone Star

After an incredibly hot listing appointment in Forest Acres/Forest Lake (hitting market tomorrow, btw!), I tightened my tie knot a little and made my way to hang out with some good friends at a pretty cool place.

Tonight, Governor Haley graciously hosted a farewell party/reception for a friend we both introduce as, “This is one of my best friends: Eleanor.” Although I couldn’t stay long (no babysitter), I was flattered to be included, and glad I went.

Eleanor is leaving South Carolina to serve as Governor Rick Perry’s (R – Texas) Director of Insurance. A big job, to be sure.

Eleanor is accustomed to and seasoned for such a position. She has owned and operated Driver’s Choice Insurance, one of South Carolina’s largest insurance agencies. Further, Eleanor served as Director of Insurance under Gov. Mark Sanford (R – SC), and most recently led South Carolina’s Budget & Control Board, the nerve center of the our state government. Further still, Eleanor is the latest recipient of The Order Of The Palmetto, South Carolina’s highest honor. Gov. Haley presented the award tonight. #goodmoment

Gauging from tonight’s attendance, she’ll be missed by a lot of folks. Eleanor has been a proactive player in private, corporate, and public life. This all said, she’s secured a stellar job, and best of all, her grandchildren are in Texas. As many of you can imagine, the “grandchildren” thing seals the deal.

I hope she visits Columbia soon and often. I’m proud to know Eleanor, and a better person for it. She would’ve served our Palmetto State well, as a grand Lt. Governor.

Godspeed, friend.

P.S. Now it’s on me to sell her house! #ProduceLikeEleanor

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