I Need a Name…

UNIVERSITY PARTNERS, Inc. is born!A big event happened today. I (along with a partner) bought a great piece of property at the crossroads of Wales Garden and Wheeler Hill. These 4 "quads" are on Wheat St. and are going to be converted into very well … [Continue reading]

We Should Expect Articles Like This…

Hardin: Gamecocks to bring their own brand of football Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007 3:00 amNO. 7 SOUTHCAROLINA ATNORTH CAROLINAWhen: 3:30 p.m. SaturdayWhere: Kenan Stadium, Chapel HillRecords: South Carolina 5-1; North Carolina 2-4Tickets: Sold … [Continue reading]

WHAT?! Am I in Bizarro World??

Risky market attracting fewer RealtorsBy PAGE IVEY - The Associated Press"Columbia, Greenville and other inland areas saw small gains year-to-year."This is a sentence in a rather large article that was in The State Newspaper today. Finally, someone … [Continue reading]

We May Have a Top 10 Team!!!

We had a big time, in the ole' town tonight. After being trapped under tents for about 30 minutes due to a mini-monsoon, Gamecock Nation made its way to Williams-Brice to cut some Top 10 Kentucky a**.When the rain let up, most of us were drenched. … [Continue reading]


Below is a Post from an active South Carolina political blogger. It's a good read, and has pretty accurate input on what's going on in the statehouse regarding the issues facing the advancment of homeownership, property protection, etc. FJP.S. I … [Continue reading]


Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. We've been swamped!!! So you will know some of the market action.... Laurel Springs is under contract, Forest Dr. went under contract (need one more initial) this week, Belmont sold tonight, Springhill/Atascadero … [Continue reading]

Thanks Bunni and Jay!!!

OK, I'm officially impressed with Hilton Head. We had a big time...Getting acquainted to the island took some time. For example, it took about an hour to find a Starbucks! Zoinks!!?? All of the stores are hidden with deep vegetation and all of the … [Continue reading]

REAL|TEAM Weekend Instructions…

OK everyone, Jenna and I are off to the beach again. I know the timing is not great, but our friends Jay and Bunni Hicks gave us their Hilton Head condo for the weekend as an awesome wedding present. It's going to serve as sort of a 2nd honeymoon for … [Continue reading]

Sertoma Club Throwing Huge Tailgate at Carolina Walk for USC vs. LSU !!!

Franklin! Pass this along if you will to your thousands of adoring fans. It’s an invitation to Sertoma’s Tailgate Party for the USC v LSU game this weekend. We want as many people there as possible. This is a major fundraiser for us and any help … [Continue reading]

The “M” Word Again…

Uhhh, ooh...The "M" word, again. This time, all of Richland Co. is involved. Before I chime in with my own thoughts about this proposal, I need to find out what Mr. Jackson's purpose is. I will know soon. Stay tuned...Read below. FJWEB ALERTCall to … [Continue reading]